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Fundraising Tips

Get sponsors: Ask people if they will sponsor you as you dance or stand for 6 hours in order to support Children’s Miracle Network. FTK!

Save your Change: If you start at the beginning of the school year and save all of your spare change until the day of the event, you can make a big difference. It is very true that change makes change!

Donor Drive: Donor Drive has a feature where you can send out a prewritten email. senda prewritten email to everyone you know. You just have to fill in a few blanks and you are good to go. It only takes about ten minutes!

Babysit: Tell the parents that you babysit for about DM and let them know that you will be giving a percentage of your earnings to Dance Marathon. This will encourage them to donate after seeing your hard work with their kids.

Social Media: Post a link to your page on Donor Drive on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat or anywhere you can think of. Have your parents share your post, so you can reach all of your parents' friends too!

Personalized phone calls and emails: If you take 10 minutes to either type out an email or talk to a family member or friend on the phone it can go a long way. Explain what DM is and how you are involved.

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