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What are the various roles in DM?

Executive Board: Members of the executive board work year round to fundraise, plan the event, and recruit dancers. They meet once a week starting in the beginning of the school year up until the big day.

Morale: Members of morale are responsible for getting the energy of the dancers up at the event. Throughout the school year they create a dance that coordinates with the theme hours that they then teach to the dancers at the event. They also meet once a week to prepare. 

Crew: Members of crew help set up on the day of the event. They move around tables, set up various booths and make sure that everything runs smoothly during the Dance Marathon. These members do not need to meet until closer to the event. 

Dancer: Dancers are the bulk of the people at the event. They come on the day of and learn the morale dance and celebrate all of the fundraising. They, like all other roles, need to fundraise in order to come to the event. There will be dancer meetings throughout the year for people to know how to sign up and fundraise.

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